Observations from Planet Earth: College Football's Week 5

By michaelcronin
Mark D. Smith-US Presswire

Remember that today was supposed to be a “down day” with few exciting games on the slate? Yeah, we found out pretty quickly that was a bunch of BS. From the barnburner in Morgantown to the thriller in Stillwater, this week had it all. Just don’t blame me when next week’s slate, which looks good on paper, doesn’t live up to the hype! Let’s hit what I saw while attending and watching many of today’s big games.


– West Virginia Mountaineers: Today pretty much cemented quarterback Geno Smith as the Heisman favorite for at least the next couple of weeks and perhaps more but Mountaineer fans shouldn’t be all smiles. Their defense was atrocious. At points during that game it looked like the two teams were engaged in a 7 on 7 drill in practice. Lack of communication, not executing the schemes all played a part because the talent is there. If they don’t get it corrected quickly though this team won’t be in the BCS hunt, they’ll be fighting for the Alamo Bowl. On a side note, is that type of football really entertaining? I thought there are two sides on the field at one time. More on that later in the week.

Miami Hurricanes: Another week, another huge lead for Miami that nearly evaporates late. I have to admit I was really down on this Canes team in the preseason. So young with the majority of the defense made up of true freshman.  However, they’ve shown great poise not folding when a lead evaporated once again. The NC State Wolfpack is bad. This could be it for Tom O’Brien in Raleigh.

Georgia Bulldogs: I don’t think Georgia is a legit national championship contender and today showed why yet again. Their defense has some outstanding athletes who jump right off the tape. Problem is they have nearly zero gap discipline. Everyone tries to freelance and do their own thing deciding to totally ignore the scheme they have called. Hell, the Buffalo Bulls, a bad MAC team got their yards. Even scarier is today they got back safety Bacarri Rambo and linebacker Alec Ogletree from suspension.

Michigan State Spartans: I love this team, especially their defense, but they can’t put it all together once again. Quarterback Andrew Maxwell played much better today yet drops and stupid penalties killed Sparty. Head coach Mark D’Antonio might be losing his team because this is a problem we’ve seen over the past couple weeks yet nothing seems like it’s really changing. If you expect to win behind Le’Veon Bell ripping over 150 yards each weekend you will be sorely disappointed.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs: My “sleeper” pick to crash the BCS party is still alive. It looked a little dicey at half and I expected a dropoff without stud freshman Tevin King (done with an injury) but the 2nd half was the old Bulldogs we know and love. The Virginia Commodores D really isn’t bad either outside of that Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets game but that’s a strange offense to prepare for. Quarterback Colby Cameron did just enough. That Texas A&M Aggies game on October 13th can’t come soon enough. A Cameron-Johnny Manziel battle will be great in what should be the last hurdle for La Tech.

Virginia Tech Hokies: I don’t know what to think of this team. Always underachieving and now probably out of the the BCS at-large hunt. Quarterback Logan Thomas is so overrated. He takes ages to throw, always misses his receivers high and tries to run too often. Bud Foster‘s once acclaimed D continues to give up big plays. Perhaps it’s time for Frank Beamer to step aside. Their great potential just doesn’t seem reachable anymore.

LSU Tigers: Stop worrying, they let awful teams hang around at home. Remember the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers debacle a couple of years ago? That worked out just fine in the end.

Texas Longhorns: Boy, oh boy I was impressed with quarterback David Ash. I wasn’t sold with his performance against the Ole Miss Rebels because they are the constant doormat of their conference but to go into Stillwater, even though the Oklahoma State Sooners defense isn’t great, and win? I’m starting to believe. He reminds me a lot of Matt Ryan. Extremely accurate, solid poise in the pocket, can throw occasional deep ball and showed he is clutch. Texas D is fast as heck but still gives up way too many big plays especially against better offenses. Can’t just completely shutdown the lesser teams and expect me to be impressed. All comes down to tackling.

Wish we had college football everyday of the week. Can’t wait for next Saturday!


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