No Surprise As Mike McQueary Sues Penn State

By Will Wilson
Maxwell Kruger-US PRESSWIRE

You had to know it was coming and Penn State surely did too. Former assistant football coach Mike McQueary has field a lawsuit against the university for defamation.

McQueary is claiming his treatment by Penn State since Jerry Sandusky was arrested has caused him distress, anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment. He will be suing for millions of dollars in damages. Rightfully so as the university didn’t renew his contract after the scandal.

The lawsuit states McQueary learned his contract was not being renewed by university president Rodney Erickson. His salary in 2011 was $140,000 and his future earnings from coaching would amount to around $4 million. After his involvement in the scandal, McQueary testified against Sandusky about what he saw in 2001 inside the football locker room. He’s now not been able to get a job and his reputation has been damaged significantly.

McQueary should be awarded as much money as he wants. He did what numerous of people didn’t do and came forward to report a pedophile that was praying on young boys. After eight other men testified against Sandusky, it’s hard to believe McQueary will not be granted any money.

Moving on from this scandal has been what Penn State and college football have been trying to do since the start of the season. Things seem to continue to surface and as much as we want to look past it, it’s hard to do.

There will be plenty more lawsuits to follow, McQueary is just the leader once again.

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