Tyrann Mathieu Closing In On 2013 Return To LSU Football Team?

By Riley Schmitt
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

When word first came down that Tyrann Mathieu had been dismissed from the LSU football team, many people began to speculate about where he would land. The Honey Badger ended up back at LSU, but only as a student. He said he wants to finish his degree but Les Miles thinks Mathieu will earn his way back on the field in 2013.

“I think that this is a very legitimate chance that he would have a happy ending.

“I think the point of degree, and the point of handling your business and making sure everything is right and correct, and getting your feet on the ground–I think that that is a tremendously happy ending.”

That quote might not be the clearest thing in the world, but it is Les Miles after all.  If you do a little bit of digging into the sentences, it looks like he is hinting that Mathieu is going to be back on the field for the Tigers in 2013.  That would raise a whole host of questions but it would probably be a good thing for the team.

Remember, Mathieu failed a number of drug tests.  There is a reason that he was suspended and people might not be so happy about him returning.  However, he did go to drug rehab and by all accounts, he is doing his best to get his degree and stay sober.  If he is able to pull that off, he should be able to play.

This will be a story worth watching next year.  The Honey Badger and his return might be next fall’s big story.

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