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Auburn kicker Cody Parkey Looks to Go Perfect

Cody Parkey


Perfection is a goal that many of us strive for, but in a world of realistic expectations, it’s hard to come out one hundred percent unblemished in anything we do.

Take the field goal kicker for example.  Often the source of jokes ranging from his physique to “that one time he threw the ball” wisecracks, kickers are constantly fielding guff from their teammates, family and of course fans.

Unless you’ve got a leg of gold.

A kicker that can’t miss is someone who’s hard to come by.  In fact, only once in FBS history has a kicker managed to make every field goal while meeting the minimum requirement of a 1.5 field goals per-game average, North Carolina State Wolfpack‘s Marc Primanti  in 1996 when he went a perfect 20 for 20.

But look out folks, he’s only seven-for-seven, but Auburn Tigers kicker Cody Parkey wants to become the second.

“I never want to miss,” Parkey said. ” It’s terrible feeling, and we only get so many chances a game to do what we do, so we want to be perfect every time we go on the field.”

Parkey has been perfect so far on the season, which includes going four-for-four against the Clemson Tigers to open the season, as well as hitting the game winner against the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks.

One might look at the longest field goal he’s hit so far this year of 46 yards and say that he’s bound to miss one that’s longer when put in the situation.  But on a total of 17 kickoffs so far this season, 11 of them have been for touchbacks, proving that he’s got the leg to match his concentration.

Parkey was 13-for-18 last season, but after spending an offseason honing in on his craft, he feels he can’t be stopped.

“I feel comfortable 55 yards and in,” Parkey said. “They give me 50 yards in practice and I can easily make those. Really just all depends on the wind.”

Parkey will have a chance to add to his total when Auburn plays the Arkansas Razorbacks this Saturday.

Dan Irwin is an SEC writer.  Follow him on Twitter @ danirwin_rant