Miami-Notre Dame History Irrelevant On Saturday

By Joe Giglio
Matt Cashore – USPRESSWIRE

Catholics vs. Convicts. The 80’s rivalry. The 2010 Sun Bowl.

Regardless of your favorite Notre DameMiami moment, it means very little heading into Saturday night’s game in Chicago.

Sure, it’s fun to reminisce about college football igniting an old rivalry. Talking about the former stars for each side brings back memories.

On the other hand, the rosters are filled with players that were barely alive when ND-Miami was a big-time, yearly occurrence.

It seems like Miami head coach Al Golden is privy to these facts and is focusing more on the current opponent in South Bend than the one led by Lou Holtz and Tim Brown.

“But in terms of getting into all that this week, I don’t know how that’s going to help our team grow and accomplish the things we need to accomplish,” he added. “I’m just trying to teach them how to get better and stay focused.”

“I think everybody that’s in the program, former players, we know what it means to them. I think it’s important that our team plays focused right now.”

Alonzo Highsmith can tweet about dropkicking leprechauns all he wants, but it won’t help Stephen Morris avoid the pass rush from Manti Te’o.

When it comes down to it, the history of this series does not matter. Both of these teams are in different situations than they were in the past.


Joe Giglio is the ACC and Big East football writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his Facebook page.

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