Notre Dame's 'Irish Chocolate,' Louis Nix III, Weighs in on Miami

By Tom O'Toole
    Definitions of NIX

  • nothing
  • veto, reject
  • no—used to express disagreement or the withholding of permission
  • The Notre Dame Fighting Irish nose guard who says “no” to opposing running backs and often “vetoes” opposing QB’s plan to pass by throwing him for a loss (also see “Irish Chocolate”)

Okay, so I made the last definition up. But the way he’s been playing, I bet it won’t be long before Louis Nix III makes Webster include him too…

It’s Miami week, and probably no member of the Irish is looking forward to playing the Hurricanes more than the 6’3″ 326 lb. junior from Jacksonville, FL. “I grew up watching Miami, and made an early commitment to play there before I switched to Notre Dame,” the middle man of Notre Dame’s TNT combo recalls. “So this excites me, playing against guys I could have been playing with. They have a great quarterback and great receivers, so they’re going to be a big challenge.”

Speaking of big, Nix has lived up to his name this year, as the big man has already recorded 16 tackles, 3 of which were for losses, plus 4 pass deflections. In other words, Nix has clogged up the middle like no one’s business, making everyone’s life on the Irish defense a little easier.

And while I can’t say that the Film and Theater major has exactly made a prediction for the Miami game, let alone the season, I think some of the lyrics to @IrishChocolate9’s (Nix’s twitter handle) new warm up song by rapper Krispy Kreme, entitled “Denzel Washington,” may hold the key:

Did you forget about The Titans? Do you Remember The Titans?
With his back against the wall, Denzel just keeps on fighting
Coach Boone is the new head coach in town
They tried to make him leave, but Denzel ain’t no clown
And once again Denzel comes to save the day
He earned the team’s respect and he taught them boys to play
With Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier you better cheer
Because they won the championship on that year

So you mean “National Championship,” Mr. Nix? If so, I think when the movie comes around, you’ll have to star as yourself, because as great an actor as he is, you may have the one “role” that’s too big for ol’ Denzel to fill.

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