Georgia State Football Planning $10K Money Drop at Georgia Dome

By Kris Hughes

Some programs are really desperate to put butts in seats to cover their costs. Other programs are so desperate to put butts in seats that they’re giving away money.

The Georgia State Panthers— of the FCS Colonial Athletic Association and a to-be member of the Sun Belt Conference in 2013– have scheduled a $10,000 money drop to take place on Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta as they take on New Hampshire.

Yes, you read that correctly, a $10K money drop. I’m envisioning this one playing out in my head as we speak and trust me, that scenario isn’t very pretty.

A bank called Georgia’s Own Credit Union will drop the $10K from the rafters at the Georgia Dome onto the field where students from Georgia State will be waiting, presumably to maul each other into minced meat to pick up a few random bills and escape at least partially intact.

In the history of dumb ideas, this may be one of the dumbest I’ve ever read.  Theoretically, the players from both teams could participate, but won’t, obviously. I mean, how fair would it be for these guys decked out in cleats and shoulder pads going up against their frail, weakling schoolmates– we have to have some fairness here, folks.

All jokes aside, this act of desperation by a school that’s about to enter Division I isn’t a good sign of the future’s promise.

Regardless, I wish I was there. I’d be willing to crack a few skulls for a $20. Money is money.


H/T to Lost Lettermen.

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