North Carolina State: Injuries Hit Wolfpack Offensive Line

By Rick Stavig

The North Carolina State Wolfpack knew they had their hands full this Satuday night when they host the third ranked Florida State Seminoles.

Well, the task just became much more difficult.

The Wolfpack will now be challenging the ‘Noles without three of their starting offensive linemen.

Right guard Zach Allen, right tackle Andrew Wallace and left tackle Rob Crisp will all be watching the game from the sidelines as opposed to dancing with the big uglies from the FSU defensive line.

This will be the fifth straight game missed by Crisp, who has been battling a chronic back issue.  He is hopeful he will be ready for the game at Maryland on October 20th.

Allen injured his foot last weekend in a loss against the Miami Hurricanes, and has recently learned that the Florida State game will not be the last he misses this season.  It’s now been confirmed that the injury is season ending.

Wallace also has an injured foot that prevented him from playing in the game against Miami.  This is now the second week in a row he will be held out.

This just isn’t what Tom O’Brien had in mind at the beginning of the year.  The Wolfpack were hoping for a breakout year, and instead they are sitting at 3-2 with an 0-1 conference record five weeks into the season.

Last weekend’s lost to Miami saw the NC State secondary get demolished by Miami quarterback Stephen Morris.  Morris threw for a conference record 566 yards in a 44-37 win by the Hurricanes.

The Wolfpack still have a shot, although small, at knocking off the ‘Noles.  Losing three of your starting hogmollies up front certainly won’t help though.

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