Indiana Hoosiers Impressive Despite Losing

By joshdhani
Indiana Hoosiers October 2012
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When it was announced that quarterback Tre Roberson would be out for the remainder of the season thanks to a broken leg/ankle injury, a lot of Indiana Hoosiers football fans lost hope, looking to see another mediocre season with either sophomore Cameron Coffman or Nate Sudfield taking over at snaps now behind center.

It was sad to see and it looks like head coach Kevin Wilson would be going back on to the hot seat now. Things looked worse after they blew a big lead to the Ball State Cardinals in the third game of the season and blowing the game away.

However, these past few weeks, things haven’t looked as bad now. Against Northwestern and Michigan State, nobody was going to expect much from this team. They are riding on their two, young backup quarterbacks with an inexperienced coach still leading the way in a tough division where they can’t get past.

However, the Hoosiers have been playing with some pride and confidence now. Against the Wildcats, Indiana was getting destroyed early and trailed 20-0 at halftime. It didn’t look pretty at all, and it made things worse when they scored another touchdown to open up the third quarter, taking a 27-0 lead.

That’s when the Hoosiers started battling back, thanks to a big rushing touchdown by running back Stephen Houston. Then came a 32-yard touchdown pass from Coffman to wide receiver Kofi Hughes to bring Indiana back in the game, 27-14. From there on out, it was a shootout the rest of the way.

Indiana came as close as just trailing 37-29 in the fourth quarter, thanks to a two-yard run by D’Angelo Roberts and a two-point attempt converted with a run by Hughes. However, the Hoosiers couldn’t capitalize after that and the Wildcats took the game away after Kain Colter‘s 22-yard run for the score to make it 44-29.

Indiana would head on to face the Spartans the next week, and it seemed like they would get blown out with a team led by their fierce running back in Le’Veon Bell. However, Indiana opened up the game in a way nobody expected them to, jumping to a 17-0 lead to end the first quarter.

Though the Spartans would later come back in the second quarter, scoring two touchdowns, the Hoosiers would respond right back with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Shane Wynn and a field goal to end the half at 27-14.

After that, however, Indiana couldn’t take advantage at where they were and they blew the game again like they did against Ball State.  The Spartans ended up scoring 17 unanswered points in the second half on their way to a 31-27 relief.

Indiana currently stands at 2-3, riding on a three-game losing-streak. It doesn’t look pretty on paper, but watching this team, they have looked pretty darn impressive for a team without their best player behind center.

Coffman has been showing that he is capable of leading the team and the Hoosiers have gotten a lot out of Houston and Hughes. Houston has so far been on the man on offense, leading the team with 277 rushing yards, four touchdowns and averaging over five yards per carry.

The Hoosiers face Ohio State next. It’s going to be tough one, with Braxton Miller easily being the best quarterback in the Big Ten conference. However, if they continue play like they have been, they can give the Buckeyes a good run for their money.

It’s all about finishing games for Indiana at this point. Finishing games is the key, and that is what is holding them back. Do that, and they can go a long way.

They’ve been impressive these past few weeks already.

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