SEC Dominates New College Football AP Poll

By Curt Popejoy
SEC Football
Brett Davis-US Presswire

Even the most die hard fan of any team in any conference in college football has to concede that the SEC over the past several years has been the best conference from top to bottom. And after what was yesterday one of the most exciting weekends in college football the SEC have taken a firm choke hold on the newest AP poll with  teams in the top four, and seven teams overall. Here’s how it breaks down.

  1. 1. Alabama
  2. 2. Oregon
  3. 3. South Carolina
  4. 4. Florida
  5. 5. West Virginia
  6. 6. Kansas State
  7. 7. Notre Dame
  8. 8. Ohio State
  9. 9. LSU
  10. 10. Oregon State
  11. 11. USC
  12. 12. Florida State
  13. 13. Oklahoma
  14. 14. Georgia
  15. 15. Texas
  16. 16. Clemson
  17. 17. Stanford
  18. 18. Louisville
  19. 19. Mississippi State
  20. 20. Rutgers
  21. 21. Cincinnati
  22. 22. Texas A&M
  23. 23. Louisiana Tech
  24. 24. Boise State
  25. 25. Michigan

It’s remarkable just how much talent is in the SEC from top to bottom. Personally, I’m a Big 12 fan, but I concede that this conference has more talent than any other conference. Now, having said that, I’m not going to sit here and say that any of those teams are unbeatable, because they aren’t. And not just beatable by another SEC team either. For example I think the dynamic offense of the University of Oregon, or the University of West Virginia would be more than a test for even the best defenses in the SEC.

The problem for other teams going against top SEC teams like Alabama is, when that Crimson Tide defense bows up and stops that offense, can a Mountaineer or Duck defense take the physical punishment the Alabama or Florida offense offers? This season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and competitive in recent history, and these SEC matchups are a huge reason why.

As I’ve always said, in the end, who’s best or worst isn’t my top priority. When it comes to college football, I’m not bound by some sense of closure or finality. Just give me great football every week and the rest will sort itself out. But for another week the SEC is the king of college football.


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