SEC Football: Aaron Murray's Dad Diagnosed with Cancer

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Dak Dillon – US Presswire

Attention Georgia Bulldog Nation…

You should be ashamed of yourself…

Yes, your precious Dawgs looked like they had never seen a football in a 35-7 loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday night, but your vicious comments and actions have gone too far this time.

Georgia Quarterback Aaron Murray took a beating last night on and off the field both before, during and after the game in Columbia, South Carolina.

There was no doubt Murray seemed different and distracted last night. He was definitely not the same young man who had Georgia scoring more than 40 points per game on the season.

But as the Gamecocks unloaded early it wasn’t long before Facebook and Twitter erupted with the ire of Georgia fans everywhere calling for Murray’s head alongside that of Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo and Head Coach Mark Richt.

Just flat nasty comments that are quite common for any fan base, not just Dawg Nation. It is easy to see just how desperate the fans seemed in their words as the Bulldogs undefeated season and Top 10 ranking went up in smoke.

Well the sun did come up this morning and it seemed to be just another day for the Georgia faithful to unleash the remaining bit of its anger.

Then, at 4:35 this afternoon, things quickly changed with one simple Tweet from Murray…


— Aaron Murray (@aaronmurray11) October 7, 2012


After speaking with some folks on the Georgia campus it was confirmed that Murray found out his dad, Dennis Murray, had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer this past week and had a procedure this morning in reference to the cancer.

There was a reason Murray looked out of sorts Saturday…

There was a reason why the South Carolina players said Murray was tipping his hat on calls…

And the reason was something that every football fan, especially those in and around Athens, Georgia, needed to be reminded of…

Life is way more important than football…

Yes, Murray was playing in probably the most important football game in his career at Georgia. But the kid had so much more important things in his thoughts.

Reports are Murray did not sleep hardly any this past week in preparation for the game.

There will be those of you who read this and say, “well if that’s the case the boy needed to suck it up or Richt should’ve benched him…”

And those are the same fans who don’t get it and were probably the same ones who egged Murray’s and some of his teammates house after the game.

Cancer is an evil, evil disease. It is difficult to deal with when you have a loved one who is currently battling or has already fought the good fight all they can.

This fan knows first hand, cause his mom lost the battle to breast and bone cancer in April of 2011.

Life is more important than football…

It’s the most precious gift we have…

So Georgia fans, lift up Murray and his family in your prayers.

And think twice before you speak next time.



M. Shannon Smallwood has over 10 years experience in sports broadcasting, journalism and college athletics and currently covers ACC Football for Rant Sports.

Follow him @woodysmalls

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