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5 Oklahoma Sooners Game-Changers From 2011 Red River Game

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5 Game-Changers From The 2011 Red River Game

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It’s that time of year again. The one most Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns fans look forward to more than any other week of college football: OU/Texas Week.

As most Oklahoma fans remember and most Longhorn fans want to forget, the Sooners steam-rolled the Longhorns last season, 55-17.

Both teams were undefeated going into the game last year, and a win over the No. 1 Sooners would have catapulted the Longhorns into the top 5 and given them momentum for the rest of season. The rest of the Longhorns season after the loss resulted into a tailspin of another shockingly disappointing season in Austin.

The 2011 game stands out as one of the Sooners best performances in recent years against the Longhorns.

The stakes are just as high for both teams going into the 2012 match-up. Both teams sit at one-loss to conference opponents and are trying to keep their Big XII title hopes alive.

The win in 2011 was a solid effort and showing from the entire team, playing lights-out, on both sides of the ball. Before we get to the details of the 2012 match-up later in the week, let’s take a look at the some of the game-changers from 2011.

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Whaley's Huge Touchdown Run

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Dom Whaley had a monster 64-yard touchdown run, making that the longest run by a Sooner player in 3 years. The last player to have a huge touchdown run was a 70-yarder by Demarco Murray.

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Landry Jones Was Mistake-Free

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The Red River game was one of Landry Jones' best performaces of 2011. Not yardage or stats wise, but mentally. He was sharp, focused and determined to win. He finished out the day being 31-50 and 367 yards with no turnovers. After the win, Jones pushed himself to 2-0 against the Longhorns and pushed the Sooners into winning 3 out of the last 5 games.

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Wide Reciever Depth

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The Sooners were stacked with WR depth. Kenny Stills and Ryan Broyles dominated the outside. Jaz Reynolds had emerged as the No. 3 option and they even had Trey Franks back, who had just finished a 2-game suspension. Franks may not have caught any passes in the WR position, but two huge kick-off returns set the offense up for two scoring plays.

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Defense Took It To The Next Level

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What happens when your defense wants to win a game so bad that they play lights out the entire time? Scoring 3 defensive touchdowns and holding the Longhorn offense to only crossing the line of scrimmage 35 out of 81 plays. 17 of those 35 plays resulted in negaative yardage. The Sooner defense was the biggest difference maker in this match-up.

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Team Effort

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This game was one for the books in 2011. They actually played together as a team and looked solid on both sides of the ball. Injuries and big heads got to the Sooners halfway through the season as they went on to lose to Texas Tech, Baylor and Oklahoma State.

The Sooners will have to play much like they did in 2011 to get past the much improved Longhorns of 2012.