Head Coach Nick Saban Keeping It Real

By alishaday
Kelly Lambert-USpresswire

The smell of the freshly cut green grass fills your nose, the sight of the golden boys exploding into the stadium, the excitement in the air that everyone is feeling…I love it. Football appeals to all the senses and in that, we find the emotional tie that makes fans die hard, cry hard and party hard, too. From the first play until the clock runs to zero, everything is possible on one beautiful Saturday in college football.

When your team is No. 1 in the nation, there is a certain expectation imposed as to their ability on the field. While Alabama football fans are still relishing their status this season,  there is the not so distant memory of disappointing seasons and controversy to keep us humble and hopeful still. Following last week’s win over Ole Miss, head coach Nick Saban was quoted as saying, “It was a hard fought win for us and we are certainly happy for our team to be able to get a win…”

No doubt a poignant reminder from Saban that despite the win, this is anybody’s game each and every week. I agree that there really are no such thing as underdogs or champions on the field and that goes for fans, players and coaches. Some would disagree, factoring in conditionals as they are relevant, or perhaps commenting on the lackluster showmanship and to those that would, I recommend a doctor visit to check your hormone levels and get back in the game. If the suspense of losing and the elation of pulling off a close one isn’t giving you the same satisfaction as annihilating the competition does, there could be a problem. These boys are the best at what they do, however, failing to recognize the potential of defeat has proven time and again to expose a vulnerability  that even this barbaric sport isn’t immune to.

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