None Other than the Tide

By alishaday
John David Mercer-USpresswire


For a daddy’s girl, there is no other option in choosing a favorite team-it must be his, and it is for me. A young person is a little frightened and intrigued the first time she hears her usually quiet and reserved father holler out loudly, punch a resounding yes in a baritone voice and or curse the air over a bad call in way that you assume disturbed God. Such are the first memories of mine during a televised game of Alabama football. While I didn’t completely understand why, the sheer intensity and range of emotions I witnessed that day made a lasting impression that I don’t want to forget. Certainly it was my father’s rare display of unbridled passion and the unapologetic manner in which it was displayed that demanded a certain amount of respect from the adoring daughter and I dare say empowered the child’s human spirit.

So, in this bye week for the Alabama team, we have an opportunity to reflect on the season so far. Coming into this season as National Champions, they certainly are paced to hold the trend. September 1st against Michigan 41,14; on the 8th headed up to Western Kentucky 53,0; Arkansas on the 15th at 52,0; Florida Atlantic 7, Alabama 40 for the 22nd  of this month and last Saturday, in their first home game of the season with Ole Miss 33, 14. One thing we know the fans of this team will certainly agree on is that Nick Saban is as fine a coach as this athletic organization has seen in a while and undoubtedly the mastermind behind their fairly recent domination in the SEC. As is the Southern tradition, work is held in the highest esteem and the tradition holds as it becomes apparent that the crimson tide will be holding itself and others to a higher standard once again this season.

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