Mike Leach's comments may have been spot on

By Kase Brammer
Mike Leach Washington State University

Calling out a specific player is never a good idea, especially at the college level, but the comments made in a recent news conference by Washington State University Head Coach Mike Leach are not as bad as they seem. Leach called his seniors, players that are supposed to be leaders, “zombie-like”.  He knows where to draw the line and if he named a specific player this headline might read differently.

I do not believe Leach would do something on purpose that might hurt his football team. He made those comments to “light a fire” underneath some players that forgot how to strike a match. Leach is asking for accountability. He wants his players to learn and grow every game and every practice. Leach believes his seniors should be striving for more and after six games he has not seen that.

Leach says, “If you don’t embrace adversity you’re never going to improve.”  Well, the Cougars are improving, but if the entire team embraced Leach’s philosophy the team would be getting better faster. Cougar fans have been patient for years. The Cougars were 9-40 under Paul Wulff and have not seen a winning season since 2003. “Cougar Nation” is ready to win. Some of his seniors are stuck in the past and it’s about time they hit 88 mph, so the Cougars can get back to the top of the Pac-12.

Washington State may not be getting exactly what they expected, but they are getting exactly what they needed from Mike Leach. Contrary to popular belief he knows exactly what he’s doing.

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