Will The Big 12 Have a Representative On Jan. 7, 2013?


As the West Virginia Mountaineers (No. 4) and Kansas State Wildcats (No.5) sit back-to-back in the AP Poll, the story in the Big 12 is becoming the showdown between the Wildcats and Mountaineers on Oct. 20 in Morgantown. Before the season began, I predicted the conference title would come down to the Mountaineers and the Oklahoma Sooners on Nov. 17 when the two teams meet in Morgantown. I also predicted WVU to win the conference title. The Mountaineers are on track to do just that, but will they finish the season undefeated?

You may ask; why so much emphasis on going undefeated? With the way things are looking in the polls, it’s hard to see any other conference represented with at least one of the BCS championship slots than the SEC. The Alabama Crimson Tide has been on cruise control thus far, but has plenty of season left and could stumble, but more than one loss seems unlikely.

There are currently three SEC teams in the AP top five. The Tide, South Carolina Gamecocks and Florida Gators are keeping the one, three and four spots warm. The likely hood all three lose more than one is there, but it isn’t a realistic expectation.

Don’t forget about the LSU Tigers or Georgia Bulldogs. Sure, both looked unimpressive in their losses, but if either team wins out, the chaos could produce a literary massacre. The point is either K-State or WVU would do themselves a huge favor if they just finish 12-0. Just isn’t that simple and obviously only one has a chance at accomplishing the feat, but you get the picture.

The Oregon Ducks are in the perfect position to find themselves in the national championship if they can win out. Now, if the quack-attack lose this will get even more tricky, especially if the Notre Dame Fighting Irish finish with one loss. No matter how much you crunch the numbers it’s inevitable that a one-loss team from the SEC climbs above any other one-loss team.

Right now, the Big 12 conference title race is wide-open with two undefeated teams and six teams with one conference loss. The round-robin format is going to keep the excitement going until the final game. However, a Big 12 team making a run at the BCS championship would be even more exciting for the conference.

Once the Texas Longhorns, Sooners, WVU and KSU are all finished playing each other, the picture will become much clearer. The question then becomes how each of those four will match-up against the best from the SEC. There doesn’t seem to be much of an even match-up on the defensive side of the ball, but it will be interesting to see how the Mountaineer offense does against one of the top defenses in the nation. An equally intriguing face-off would be the Wildcats’ clock managing, mistake free brand.