South Carolina Football: Do Gamecocks Become Elite With Win At LSU?

By Freddie Vickers

The South Carolina Gamecocks are riding high after they destroyed the Georgia Bulldogs 35-7 just six short days ago.  The Gamecocks must now travel  to a hostile environment and prove they can win on the road.

All the talk this week in the SEC has centered around the Gamecocks, and how last week’s performance elevated them to the front of the pack in the conference.  While that was an impressive performance, South Carolina will only be considered elite if they go into Death Valley and beat LSU.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have laid out the blueprint on what it takes to become a BCS Title contender.  After all, they have won two out of the last three.  But more importantly in 2012, the Crimson Tide have won big games.  And they’ve won big road games.

The Florida Gators, who look to be the main competition in the SEC East for the Gamecocks, have won at Texas A&M and at Tennessee in back to back road contests.  In both games, the Gators trailed at the half.

South Carolina now needs to show America and the college football world that they’re worthy of a top 10 ranking.  They need to show that they’re a legit national title contender.  They need to show that they can line up and play big boy football on the road.

Big home wins over Georgia mean nothing.  Road wins at LSU mean everything.  More importantly, a Gamecock victory in Death Valley sets up a huge matchup with Florida in just one week.

The Gamecocks are the media darling this week.

A loss at LSU puts them back to where they’ve been for 50 years, an afterthought.

So Gamecocks, go win on the road, in one of the toughest venues in the nation, then talk to the college football world on Saturday night!


Freddie Vickers covers the SEC for Rant Sports

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