AIRBHG Attempts to Strike Down Iowa RB Mark Weisman

By Andrew Fisher

Many fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes believe that Mark Weisman was sent to destroy AIRBHG (the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God).

So far this season Weisman has been throwing up his middle finger to the evil deity, racking up 631 yards and 8 touchdowns. All of this is from a guy who ESPN still has listed as a fullback.

He’s a walk-on transfer from Air Force, who’s run over the competition this season.

Michigan State was no different. Sure they held Weisman in check for most of the game, but he still ended up with 116 yards on the ground, and the game-tying score late in the fourth quarter to force overtime.

However on his touchdown run, Weisman suffered a nasty looking hit to his right leg and did not play in the extra periods.

The Hawkeyes came out on top 19-16 in double OT, but now questions linger about Weisman’s health going forward. Will he miss any time?

Head coach Kirk Ferentz said that his star running back suffered a bruise to his right ankle, and that he will wear a protective walking boot in the coming days.

Weisman also commented on his injury after the game, and on whether or not he could have returned in overtime:

“I think its fine. I wouldn’t have been effective. I’d probably hurt the team more than helped it.”

So it appears that the Hawkeyes may have dodged a bullet here, but they’ll have to wait and see.

An ankle bruise is far better than an ankle sprain, and you’d think that in a week the pain and swelling will mostly subside.

One thing is very clear, Iowa is only going as far as their running game will take them. The passing game still doesn’t look in sync, so games will be won and lost in the trenches the rest of the way for the Hawkeyes.

Once again their offensive line is exceeding expectations, and the fact that they were able to run the ball against arguably the best defense in the Big Ten, speaks volumes about what they can do on the ground going forward.

If in fact this is just a bruise for Weisman, I expect him to be out there next week continuing his mission to destroy AIRBHG, and now potentially to leading his team to a Legends division title.

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