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BCS Rankings Revealed, 2nd All SEC Title Game Possible

Derrick Hingle-US Presswire

Seven weeks into the college football season, the perception nationally is that the Southeastern Conference was beginning to lose its grip as the nation’s premiere football conference, but upon the first release of the BCS rankings that talk was proved to be a bit premature.

As the rankings were unveiled, seven SEC teams were listed in the initial rankings: Texas A&M (18th), Mississippi State (12th), Georgia (11th), South Carolina (7th), LSU (5th), Florida (2nd) and Alabama (1st).  With such strength across the top 25 and in the top 10 in particular it raises the question: could the country face the second coming of the nightmare scenario, an All-SEC national championship?

Before the season started I would have told you there is no way in, well you know where, but seeing the love the rankings have for the Southeastern Conference it is a very real possibility. While it is a real possibility, the conference will need plenty of help.

First, the Crimson Tide will have to stay undefeated to keep the computers happy.  Then, the Florida Gators would need to play an undefeated regular season and slip in the conference title game by a single digit margin to keep things interesting. However, it won’t be that easy.

Kansas State would have to drop a game on the schedule, Oregon and Southern California would have to split their likely two games (which of right now is purely a projection) and Notre Dame would have to drop a game or two (two to be safe). While that sounds impossible right now, it also sounded impossible heading into the weekend of November 19th, 2011 that three of the top teams in the BCS would fall allowing Alabama to sneak back into the national championship picture.

Stranger things have happened.

Still, there are plenty of games to be played and a number of different scenarios could happen.  However, if the first rankings are any indication the nightmare could continue for the rest of the country if the could SEC sneak two teams into the national championship game again.

And if that happens? The college football playoffs won’t be able to get here fast enough.