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Instant Analysis of the Initial BCS Rankings

BCS Poll

Derick Hingle-US Presswire

Today was the day that lots of college football fans are excited for, and others dread. It’s the end of Week 7 of the 2012 college football season, and that means it’s time for the great polarizer, the BCS rankings to be released. The BCS poll is a combination of factors, that include the human polls, as well as a series of computer polls and criteria that in theory generate the most objective and accurate list possible. The goal of this is to help determine which 2 teams should play in the BCS national championship game.

The problem is, while the poll is far more accurate than simply human polls, fans don’t care. If their team is excluded, the BCS becomes bad, and as we all know, the future is a playoff, so our time to complain about the BCS polls is drawing to a close. But let’s look at the entire initial rankings with a few thoughts.

1. Alabama (6-0) .9761
2. Florida (6-0) .9092
3. Oregon (6-0) .8993
4. Kansas State (6-0) .8963
5. Notre Dame (6-0) .8774
6. LSU (6-1) .7522
7. South Carolina (6-1) .6930
8. Oregon State (5-0) .6808
9. Oklahoma (4-1) .6664
10. Southern California (5-1) .5959
11. Georgia (5-1) .4980
12. Mississippi State (6-0) .4846
13. West Virginia (5-1) .4793
14. Florida State (6-1) .4277
15. Rutgers (6-0) .4083
16. Louisville (6-0) .4061
17. Texas Tech (5-1) .3572
18. Texas A&M (5-1) .3379
19. Clemson (5-1) .3341
20. Stanford (4-2) .2654
21. Cincinnati (5-0) .2483
22. Boise State (5-1) .1978
23. TCU (5-1) .1377
24. Iowa State (4-2) .1139
25. Texas (4-2) .0640


Looking over the  poll, some things are obvious. The SEC is loaded. The top 2 teams in the initial poll, Alabama and Florida are both SEC teams that grind the football on the ground and play smothering defense. The same can be said for No. 4 Kansas State. By contrast the No. 3 team in the poll, the University of Oregon is a high powered attack that racks up lots of numbers. There are no real surprises in this list for me among the top 10, but I do find it interesting in a year where big passing numbers are so in fashion, the majority of the top teams don’t really air it out. And I only include the top 10 in this discussion because if you look at the score associated with the rankings, there is a very significant drop off from No. 6 LSU and No. 7 South Carolina, and then another between No. 10 USC and No. 11 Georgia.

As the season progresses and more teams play the hardest parts of their schedules, this list will widen out as the top teams that continue to win will separate themselves from the bottom. All in all, with the losses yesterday to South Carolina and West Virginia, this poll is pretty much chalk. Kansas State and LSU benefited the most from those upsets and looking forward there will be some significant changes in the next 2 weeks. By the third poll, I will do a more thorough breakdown of the rankings, and discuss possible title game scenarios as the best teams set themselves apart and make that push for the postseason. Stay tuned, because this poll is just window dressing for what’s to come.

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