Charlie Weis Plans To Use 2 QB System Against Oklahoma Sooners

By Amanda Staver

The Kansas Jayhawks QB situation has been an interesting one lately. The clear choice at the beginning of the season was Notre Dame transfer, Dayne Crist. He hasn’t been as productive as head coach Charlie Weis had thought, so Saturday he pulled Crist and put in Michael Cummings. Cummings came in and pulled the Jayhawks out of a 20-0 deficit and led two scoring drives to put the game within reach.

Weis announced on Tuesday that he was going to be playing both Cummings and Crist on Saturday against the Oklahoma Sooners. He also mentioned that they have some new offensive packages that they may show off against the Sooners. Apparently, he has been brainstorming some new plays that will utilize both quarterbacks.

Weis on his new “plays”:

I have a whole bunch of things in for this game. We can’t just go line up and go vanilla. We can’t just sit there and figure we’re gonna slug it out and that’s gonna work out to our advantage.

Cummings ran Kansas’ version of the hurry-up last Saturday against the Oklahoma State Cowboys and it seemed to be semi-effective. So I’m guessing we will see Cummings come in for those types of plays and Crist will be used somewhere in between.

It sounds like Weis has more confidence in Cummings at the moment, but doesn’t want to completely give up on Crist. By running the two QB system, it may spur Crist into some production on the field, which he clearly hasn’t been doing well. Also, doing it against the Oklahoma defense may not be the best plan. But with the way the Big XII has played out lately, weirder things have happened and it may work.

Doubtful, but it might.


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