Big 12 Spotlight: The Title Race Doesn't Make Sense

By Zach Pugh

Remember when we thought we knew how the Big 12 championship race was going to turn out? We thought the Texas Longhorns would continue their recent success from the past two years on defense. We thought there was absolutely no way the Kansas State Wildcats could continue the fundamental success from 2011. We also thought Landry Jones was a Heisman Trophy favorite, who, depending on how you look at it, went from the best in the conference to a quarterback who didn’t trust his receivers, back to Mr. efficient.

Things change so quickly throughout the course of the season that even basing an opinion week-to-week is risky. As we sit on the verge of another big time conference match-up that could decide the outcome of the title race, one thing has become abundantly clear, anything can and will happen. Sounds too cliché, but how else can you describe what has unfolded?

70 percent (seven teams) from the Big 12 are in the BCS rankings and the verdict is still out on whether any of those seven could compete in the national championship. Every team, with the exception of the Kansas Jayhawks, has a chance to go bowling. In fact, if you take out both of the Jayhawks’ non-conference losses, the conference has lost just one non-conference game. Is this depth, or chaos? It’s both.

The West Virginia Mountaineers looked like the clear-cut favorite until they ran into Lubbock and forgot their offense is supposed to be unstoppable. The Oklahoma Sooners were looking like a disappointment until the offense dominated the Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Red Raiders defense by the way was nothing but a mirage, but now it would seem they can shut-down the offenses within the conference.

K-State remains as the only undefeated team in the Big 12, but now they have the task of taking down a Mountaineers team that is looking to get back on track with a bag of chips on their shoulder. Geno Smith may have been exposed by the TTU defense, however, let’s not forget how easily he can put up points with his accuracy.

If the Wildcats beat WVU, then the conference title race will make sense until KSU sufferers their first loss. If K-State falls to West Virginia then it will almost be as if nothing up to this point has mattered. the race will essentially be reset and unfortunately we may be witnessing a path to, hate to say it, co-champions.

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