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High School Kicker Hits 67-yard Field Goal


Talk about ‘The Leg’ when mentioning what Veradale (Wash.) kicker Austin Rehkow did Thursday.

The 6-foot-3, 193-pound senior blasted a 67-yard field goal during Central Valley High‘s game against Shandle Park. He almost set the national high school record (one yard shy) in a 62-55 overtime win for his team. He must have laughed when David Akers hit a 63-yarder this year.

Rehkow’s kick beat the state record that hasn’t been touched since 1929. He smashed the old record by five yards – which is miles considering it’s a high school game. His team went wild when the ball sailed through the uprights, even the officials couldn’t believe it as they nodded their heads watching it fly by them.

Rehkow better expect some phone calls in the next couple of days, most likely from college coaches trying to nab him before anyone else does. He’s only had a partial offer to Eastern Washington so far, and with a performance like this, expect many many more.

Who wouldn’t give this kid a shot? Maybe it was just luck? Very unlikely, kicking a 67-yarder requires some skill regardless of what anyone says. He deserves a chance to play somewhere, especially with the way college kickers have performed in the last couple of seasons. It’s been god-awful.

There was another record broken during the game when the opposing quarterback Brett Rypein set a state record with 577 passing yards, breaking the old record by 61. He’s considered one of the top QB prospect for the class of 2015.

The night belonged the Rehkow though. Rightfully so, enjoy the video.

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