Special Teams Shine For Oklahoma Sooners Saturday Night

By Amanda Staver
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Charlie Weis and his two quarterback scheme were nowhere near as effective as he thought it was going to be against the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday night. As a matter of fact, it worked itself into a 52-7 beatdown. For the last couple weeks, each unit has showed more improvement. It was the special teams turn to make a statement this time for the Sooners and it included a surprise appearance.

Justin Brown has made a name for himself this season in Norman. When the Penn State transfer arrived, several beat writers out of Happy Valley were saying that Brown had issues with his hands. That hasn’t been a factor so far, but last night he did fumble a kickoff return which resulted in the Kansas Jayhawks getting the ball back; for about 15 seconds.  A teeth-rattling hit on Jayhawks QB Dayne Crist by Tom Wort forced a fumble which was picked up by Casey Walker who almost took it to the house. Walker looked like he needed oxygen when he reached the Sooner sidelines after the play, but between him and Wort, one of the best field positions by Kansas the entire night was stuffed.

Brown may have fumbled the ball, but a few plays later he completely redeemed himself. He returned a punt for 90-yards while diving in the end zone for a touchdown. It was the fifth longest punt return in Sooner history. It also became the longest punt return since Antonio Perkins 91-yarder against Tulsa in 2002.

To start the second half, we got to see a Sooner who hasn’t played much at all this season: Roy Finch. We didn’t get to see him for long though, as he returned the opening kickoff for a 100-yard runback, blasting the Sooners lead to 45-0. With Finch’s runback and Brown’s punt return, it became the first time in history the Sooners had two plays over 90-yards in one game.

Seven different Sooners scored Saturday night against the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks had previously been holding onto games at least for a half before throwing in the towel. They never had a chance last night. Right now, besides Kansas State, who is on fire, there isn’t better football being played by anyone in the Big XII.

It now gets real for the Sooners who host Notre Dame in at top 10 match-up this coming weekend.





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