The Colorado Plague: Beat the Buffaloes One Week, Lose the Next

By David LaRose
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Beating Colorado is not much of an accomplishment these days but does it provide a false sense of how good their team actually is? Are the Buffaloes just not much of a challenge anymore? Call it what you want but a strange trend has happened this season and it all starts when a team defeats Colorado, which was pointed out by Javier Morales of

Every FBS team that has beaten Colorado this season has lost the very next week.

Date Team vs. Colorado Following game
9/1/12 Colorado St. beat Buffaloes 22-17 lost to North Dakota St. 22-7
9/15/12 Fresno St. beat Buffaloes 69-14 lost to Tulsa 27-26
9/22/12 Washington St. lost to Buffaloes 35-34 lost to Oregon 51-26
9/29/12 UCLA beat Buffaloes 42-13 lost to Cal 43-17
10/11/12 Arizona St. beat Buffaloes 51-17 lost to Oregon 43-21


It’s hard to say exactly what happens to a team after they beat Colorado but it’s easy to point out that they struggle in their next contest.

They probably don’t learn much during film of their win over the Buffaloes due to how easy they are able to dominate every facet of the game. Since they don’t get much out of film they can’t fix any flaws that they may have because Colorado was unable to exploit any. Basically, it’s a win-lose situation for these teams because they get an easy win but then it sets them up for failure the next week.

Will USC be the next team that is added to this list? They easily took care of Colorado 50-6 on Saturday as QB Matt Barkley and WR Robert Woods had a field day against an over matched defense. In the process they broke their respective positions school records in passing TDs and pass receptions in a career.

However, they have a tough road game at Arizona next week and if this trend continues they’ll be licking their wounds heading into their big showdown against Oregon on November 3. It’s strange what is happening to teams that beat Colorado the week before but if any team will break this trend it’s USC.

They are the best team that has played Colorado so far this year and although they have a lack of depth they still have a very talented group of players. I just don’t see them losing to Arizona even though it’s on the road and the Wildcats present a tougher challenge.

Whatever is happening to these teams is strange and frankly I’ve never seen anything like it.

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