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LSU Still Eyes National Championship

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LSU Tigers

Thomas Campbell – US Presswire

Okay, it’s confession time.

After picking the LSU Tigers to lose for two consecutive weeks, and both times they end up coming out the winner, they’ve officially put my foot in my mouth.  But can you blame me?  Their record as of October 7 was 4-1 as they took on the Towson Tigers.  Although LSU officially beat lowly Towson, that game brought their ranking down, as well as many people’s thoughts that LSU could challenge the Alabama Crimson Tide again.

It just didn’t look good.  After week 6, being held to six points against the Florida Gators, LSU had a stretch of four consecutive ranked opponents to play.  If struggling against Towson and losing to the Gators showed us anything, it was that LSU was simply not the team we thought they were.

But that was three weeks ago.  After a couple aforementioned picks that didn’t materialize by yours truly, it’s clear that LSU has gotten their ducks in a row and are serious about playing college football in the 2012 season.  I talked previously about how LSU might even struggle to remain bowl eligible…that is now a far cry as the Tigers sit at 7-1 going into their bye week.

So what is on the table for LSU?  Glad you asked.  When their season renews on November 3, they will have had an extra week to prepare for their biggest game of the season, a home game against Alabama.  This is followed by another home game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  Their season is rounded out by contests against the Ole Miss Rebels and their lone remaining away game against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Now it’s not so much about keeping their head above water as it’s about potentially winning the race.  If LSU can defeat Alabama, they will not control their own destiny to the national championship game but they will control their destiny to the SEC championship game at that point.

Currently sitting at No. 6 in the BCS standings, they would need a loss by either the Kansas State Wildcats or the Oregon Ducks to get into the national championship picture.  Both Alabama and Florida who are above LSU, can be knocked down by the Tigers.  The other remaining BCS team above LSU are the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  If Notre Dame can win out, they will likely be extremely closely rated to a 12-1, SEC Champion LSU team.  For there to be a lot better chances, LSU needs to hope that Notre Dame loses to either the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend, or the USC Trojans to finish out the season.

It’s a little bit of a “what if” game, but this isn’t some Baseketball playoff board here.  The possibility of LSU beating Alabama exists, and then getting Florida on a neutral field would be a dream scenario.  It was once glum, but the LSU season now has the same meaning it had when the season began.

Dan Irwin is an SEC football writer for Rant Sports.  Follow him on Twitter @ danirwin_rant, or on Facebook at ““.

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