The Boise State Broncos Continue An Up Hill Battle

By Zach Pugh
Lee Hightower-US PRESSWIRE

If you scan through college football headlines today there’s a common theme. With the possibility the Boise State Broncos will be able to make their way back into the BCS discussion, many must feel obliged to take the reins of the same argument that has surrounded the Broncos since 2006. The argument is still BSU doesn’t deserve to play in a BCS game, however, this season the argument’s premise if based on the notion this years’ version isn’t as talented as the previous three seasons.

No matter what the Broncos do, they just can’t win over certain people. Whether they put the call out to every major program in the nation that they will come into any city, any stadium and play any team or if they make the move to the Mountain West Conference in a time where the conference was on their way to gaining an automatic bid in the BCS. Why is this relevant? If things continue to play out in Boise State’s favor, they can find themselves with a BCS bid. The Big 10 has been their own version of freight fest on the field this season and because of this the Broncos, even with one loss, can capitalize on the Big 10’s absence.

According to BCS qualifying rules, non-AQ schools don’t necessarily have to finish the season undefeated. However, they do need to finish as conference champions along with at least a number 12 ranking in the final BCS rankings, or such team is ranked in the top 16 of the final BCS Standings and its ranking in the final BCS Standings is higher than that of a champion of a conference that has an annual automatic berth in one of the BCS bowls. The Big 10 race is still wide open with The Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers, Nebraska Cornhuskers and Iowa Hawkeyes all in the mix.

As of now, Boise State ranks 21st in the BCS rankings and right behind them at 22 is the Wolverines. If Boise State wins out and earns the Mountain West title, they put themselves in a very good position to remain ahead of the Big 10 champs while finishing 16th or higher. The  Badgers are also hanging around in the discussion at 25. As we put our hypothetical hats on, we see the Wolverines and Badgers on track to face-off in the Big 10 championship.

In addition to convincing the human element of the BCS, BSU looks to convince its own fan-base they are worthy. It was surprising to see fans of the orange and blue claim the Broncos don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year because this team isn’t as talented as the Kellen Moore led squads. Are you kidding me? Have they forgot just how much talent the smurf turf lost? Six NFL players along with the best quarterback in program history are absent this season, yet they are still winning. This was supposed to be a down year to rebuild and the defense still ranks 20th in the nation.

Explain to me why a two or three loss team from the Big 10, a conference with the national media perception of weak, deserves the BCS slot more than the Broncos? Especially if Boise ranks higher than any team in the Big 10. Sure, you can point to the loss against the now unranked Michigan State Spartans, but why is it ok for a team from an AQ-conference to suffer a loss at the beginning of the season?

Boise State has been able to establish themselves as a brand. A brand that despite losing so much talent from the year prior was still ranked in the pre-season poll this season and has climbed back into the BCS discussion because some do recognize them as a national brand. However, until more of the nation gives the Broncos credit and is on board with admitting they’re a quality program, they will continue to fight an up hill battle.

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