College Football Gambler Turns $100 Parlay Bet Into $25,772

By Kris Hughes

The average college football gambler– er, degenerate, if you will– watches Saturday’s match-ups with an intensity that the casual fan can’t possibly imagine.

In order to make the right picks during the week regardless of whether they are over-under, point spreads, or on a parlay, these guys and gals devour an enormous amount of information to make intelligent guesses about a game played by 19-22 year old men– a game which, as we all know, is as unpredictable as it gets.

One gambler in particular– his or her name has not become available– used a betting website last weekend to turn $100 into $25,772 (!) using a 23-game parlay bet. For those of you among the gambling illiterate– like myself–a parlay is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together.

So, in essence, if each wager that is linked together becomes a winner, the payoffs on those wagers start to escalate at an exponential rate, allowing small wagers to turn into big paydays.

This bettor in particular parlayed 23 games beginning with the Oregon Ducks win over the Arizona State Sun Devils last Thursday, and ending with the Oregon State Beavers win over the Utah Utes late Saturday night.

Because he picked the winner of each of these 23 games– which is absolutely astounding– the winnings escalated over this 48 hour period to almost $26K.

Not a bad few days at the office if you ask me.

Trust though, there was as much luck involved in this as any modicum of skill.

Don’t go slapping down that $100 that’s burning a hole in your pocket if you need it for something more constructive.

The odds are you couldn’t replicate this guy’s luck anyhow.


H/T to the Post Game.

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