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Florida vs. Georgia, the Other Big Game

Georgia Bulldogs

Kim Klement – US Presswire

Normally, the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators is the main SEC attraction the week that it’s played.  The conference makes sure that it doesn’t schedule key rivalries on the same day to spread out the overall viewership they can receive.

But come this Saturday, the massive rivalry that only has one loss between the two schools, will be second fiddle in the SEC to the undefeated Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Alabama Crimson Tide contest.  Indeed, the majority of the media is largely ignoring the rivalry in favor of the battle of two undefeated teams.

What a shame.  This year’s Georgia-Florida game could be one of the biggest in years based on how much each team can benefit from a win.

A win for Georgia puts them back in the drivers’ seat.  Their lone loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks is negated by the fact that South Carolina has lost two conference games.  If Georgia wins, they are back in control of their own destiny to the SEC championship game, and maybe more.  Their remaining schedule is a cake walk, almost assuring that they’ll end up back in Atlanta.

A Florida win seals up the SEC East for them, but the Gators are playing for much more.  That will be tested in their annual battle against the Florida State Seminoles who are playing exceptional football in 2012.  Florida will have a tough road to navigate if in fact they will be playing for BCS greatness, beating Georgia, Florida State and ultimately the West winner which could be one of three teams.

It may not be the SEC game that everyone in the country is waiting to see, but flying under the radar on this one may be just what the winner needs to compete for an SEC championship.

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