Forget SEC Fatigue, College Football has Caught Alabama Fatigue

By Allen Faul
Randy Sartin-US Presswire

The University of Alabama football program has been the most dominant in the country since 2008, publicized and praised unlike any other.

It’s not my words, nor the words of a die hard homer–it is fact. It is fact that since 2008 Alabama has won more games than any other program, not to mention more national titles than any other school in that time span. From the recruiting trail to the field, Alabama has dominated. While teams around the country battle for respect from AP voters and BCS computers, Alabama had already earned it.

Take this year, for example.

The Florida Gators have a much better resume than the Crimson Tide with wins over LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M, but Will Muschamp’s squad still find themselves sitting at number twoKansas State has put together convincing wins against Oklahoma and West Virginia, but still the Wildcats find themselves sitting at number three.

In contrast, Alabama’s signature win to this point? A victory over the Michigan Wolverines in week one. However, with respect to the Crimson Tide, Alabama doesn’t just win, they’ve won convincingly, defeating opponents on average of 33 points per game.

It is almost as if opposing teams are asking themselves “what do we have to do to get a little respect around here?”

I’ve often wonder about the SEC fatigue throughout the college football world, but now I begin to wonder if that fatigue has shifted from the conference as a whole and onto the team in Tuscaloosa.

I begin to wonder what role this “fatigue” played, if any, during Trent Richardson’s Heisman campaign and ponder whether or not it will keep AJ McCarron at home should he continue his stellar play this season.  Expectations have been elevated among the Alabama fan base as schedules no longer look daunting, victories are counted well before the games are played and fans already save up to purchase next year’s BCS National Championship merchandise. Perhaps those expectations have been elevated across the nation as well.

No longer are great performances recognized, they are expected. This is the new standard.

Walking around Tuscaloosa, I sometimes wonder if people here realize what kind of dominance this team has been able to display over the course of 4, now moving into 5 years of play.

I understand that it is frustrating for national media and opposing fan bases to hear about the same team over and over again, much in the sense that they despise the talk of Tim Tebow and the New York YankeesBoston Red Sox rivalry. But what is going in Tuscaloosa is special and doesn’t come along every day

Perhaps it is time to look around and smell the roses.

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