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Missouri Seeks First SEC Win Against Kentucky

Missouri Tigers

Denny Medley – US Presswire

You don’t have to tell anyone in Columbia about the rough SEC season so far.  Many expected to be able to win the game against the Vanderbilt Commodores, but that didn’t happen. Those who predicted any SEC wins for the Missouri Tigers in the month of November have since changed their stance, saying Mizzou is likely to throw up a doughnut in the final month of the regular season.

But for the SEC’s northern Tigers, there is hope in Homecoming. The same tradition that began at Mizzou and saw the Tigers fight to a 3-3 tie to their arch-rival the Kansas Jayhawks in 1911 brings in a new bordering state with blue as its primary color to fill the role as perhaps the new football rival for the Missouri.

Both teams sit in the same boat as far as SEC play is concerned: 0-4 and with nothing but jokes from the rest of the conference. But if you think that this game won’t mean anything, or that both teams don’t care too much about who wins Saturday, think again.

For Missouri, it’s the historic note of getting the school’s first win in the SEC. None of the seniors want to go out feeling like they couldn’t get it done, regardless of the injuries the offensive line has faced this season.

For Kentucky, it’s the same thing on the flip side. They do not want to be forever known as the team that Missouri got their first SEC win against. You don’t have to dig very deep or come up with any motivational speeches to have this idea excite the players.

Gary Pinkel wants this win more than it could possibly be described. Although I believe there is no chance of his job being in danger, even if he loses every game the rest of the season, a loss to Kentucky would undoubtedly fuel his critics and get them lighting their torches.

It’s going to have to be a full team effort by the Tigers to cash in, but when the dust settles, they should get their lone SEC victory on Saturday.

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