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SEC Football: The Key to Victory for Georgia or Florida

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So it’s almost time for the World’s Largest Cocktail Party to be interrupted for a little bit of hate and anger to be unleashed between the 10th-ranked Georgia Bulldogs and the 2nd-ranked Florida Gators.

A historic rivalry for both schools and the SEC as it looks to maintain its monopoly of the BCS Rankings.

But, despite everything that is on the line, both of these teams are far from perfect and have a lot to prove to itself and its fan bases over the course of 4 hours on Saturday.

And you bet your last dollar every single person in College Football and every single fan in Athens, Georgia, and Gainesville, Florida, who believes they know exactly the one thing that needs to be done for their team to return to the libations post-game with a smile on their face.

Whether you think it is the return of Jarvis Jones as the healthy leader on defense for the Dawgs or the fact Jeff Driskel needs to pass for 300 yards for the Gators; you have an opinion on the keys to victory…


Let’s just say you are all wrong…

Because in the history of this match up there is one position that shines and is always a key to the victory…

And the first team to figure this out will win the game with relative ease…

So that is why there is not a question of doubt that Jordan Reed, Omarius Hines, Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome will be the four men who ultimately decided the winner on Saturday.


The TE will determine the Georgia and Florida winner as it pretty much does every season.

The TE is going to be the crucial key for both teams for a number of different reasons…

First and foremost, both Florida and Georgia want to establish a smash-mouth run game early and have worked extensively this past week on double TE sets to help with the blocking up front.

So from the small things needed to win big games, these four will play a huge role.

Second, you have this Frankenstorm by the name of Sandy that is going to clip the coast of Jacksonville and bring 45 MPH winds with possible rain squalls which makes the blocking scheme even more important to control the clock and the ball in the running game.

But the key to victory is which QB and which offensive coordinator uses the TE on the Hot Route on Saturday.

This will be a quick pass that could lead to big yards and it will force the opposing linebackers to stay home and not bunch up the running lanes.

This is a standard play in the Gators Offensive Playbook, but is one Georgia seems to forget way too often.

If Florida establishes this option early, it is going to be a long day for Georgia.

But on the flip side, if the Bulldogs can hit the hot route with Lynch or Rome early it is another weapon QB Aaron Murray will have to play with…

And if Georgia Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo lets Murray play with all of his weapons, the Gator defense will simply not have an answer…

Murray is just unbeatable if he has the TE in-play…

Any Georgia QB is unbeatable if he has the TE involved in the Hot Routes.

So as you sit back and watch the rivalry game unfold, keep focused on the TE position.

The player of the game and the winner will follow whoever is more successful.




M Shannon Smallwood has over 10 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism in professional baseball and college athletics and is the ACC Football Guru, SEC Voice of Reason and College Football Comedian for Rant Sports.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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