Some Things Never Change: Tyrann Mathieu Included

By Rick Stavig
Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Well, he’s at it again.

Tyrann Mathieu was arrested on Thursday night on…wait for it…marijuana charges!

This should come as no surprise to anyone whatsoever.  Mathieu was kicked off the LSU football team earlier this year for repeatedly failing drug tests.

Mathieu was with three other former Tiger football players- Jordan Jefferson, Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant.  Police were responding to a complaint at Mathieu’s house when they smelled the pungent odor of reefer.  After Mathieu gave the police consent to search the apartment, police found ten bags of Jamaica’s finest.  In addition to the marijuana, police found a digital scale and multiple plastic baggies, clearly for selling purposes.

Jefferson and Mathieu were charged with simple possession charges, Hatcher with second offense possession.  Bryant was charged with intent to distribute.

This should officially end the slight chance that Mathieu had for returning to the LSU football team next season.

What’s so disappointing is that Mathieu was apparently on the right track since getting kicked off the team in August.  He had gone through a month long rehabilitation process and was getting mentored by John Lucas on, essentially, growing up.  He was attending classes and even paying his own way in school.  He’s a soon to be dad.  Things were looking up.

Then this sort of thing happens.

This also comes after the Sports Illustrated cover story on the ‘Honey Badger’.  In the article, Mathieu’s rough life growing up was highlighted, and the bad crowd that he hung out with.  It was also brought to light potential eligibility issues stemming from appearing on advertisements for a Baton Rouge club, as well as receiving impermissible benefits from the club.

Mathieu was a playmaker in the finest sense of the word during his first two years on the LSU team.  Not only was he a tackling machine, but he excelled at forcing and recovering fumbles, getting interceptions and even lead the nation in non-offensive touchdowns.  Let’s not forget he was also one of the best punt returners in the country as well.   It culminated with Mathieu being named a Heisman Trophy finalist last year.

Mathieu at this point will probably enter the 2013 NFL draft, for which he will be eligible.  He was a sure-fire first round pick, but with his ongoing drug problems, and inability to detach from his thug life- who knows where he’ll go now.  Now so more than ever NFL teams are paying strict attention towards players that continue getting in trouble with the law.

It’s a shame that Mathieu can’t learn from not only his fathers mistakes (drug and murder charges), but his own as well.  He’s an elite talent that has a professional skill set, but can’t seem to break away from the life he’s always lived.

Here’s to hoping that Mathieu realizes that he’s officially hit rock bottom.  Once you realize you’re at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.  It’s shocking that just the realization that by consistently getting in trouble like this, you’re costing yourself millions and millions of dollars in the long run.  Although you have to speculate Mathieu would probably be the kind of player who goes broke within years of cashing in the first paycheck, especially considering all of the ‘hangers on’ he loves to be with.

I’m really pulling for Mathieu, I really am.  He’s an exciting football player who energizes his team and the game.  You can just tell he loves the game and plays with such passion.

But he’s going to have to start over…again.

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