Switzer Says Oklahoma Sooners Have Best Back Since Peterson

By Amanda Staver
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

When Barry Switzer comments on the Oklahoma Sooners about anything, Sooner Nation listens. Recently, Switzer commented on the Oklahoma offensive situation and had nothing but praise for running back, Damien Williams. He went on to even say that Williams was the best back the Sooners had seen since the Adrian “All-Day” Peterson days. This is saying quite a bit.

Switzer, in his typical-for-him colorful comments to The Oklahoman:

He ought to be carrying the ball 25 times again, in my opinion. But those coaches over there, they’re going to have the running back committee and they’re going to get all the backs contributing to do well.

Who’s the best? Williams is the best. When you have backs that run 70- to 80-yard runs in every game, they (expletive) ought to be out there playing because he has the ability to be out there. He makes people miss. He breaks tackles, and he has the speed to outrun everyone on the field.

It may be a little early to dub that title on him, since he has only played 6 games in a Sooner uniform, but he is off to a fantastic start. The Sooners have been seeing sparks of how great the junior transfer from Arizona Western. With 552 yards on 74 carries and averaging 7.5 yards per carry, it is going to be interesting to see if he comes out as the featured back on Saturday against Notre Dame. The Sooners have been heavily rotating on most of the carrying load. Getting the ball in Williams hands more would be an ideal situation, especially if he continues on with the level he has played at in the last 3 games. Especially after his performance in the Red River Shootout.

Switzer hasn’t been known to give out the best praise to the Sooners lately; earlier in the year he commented on how they just didn’t have the personnel to get it done. Post-Kansas State has been a different story. When the King of Oklahoma football, which has every right to be judgmental and say how he feels and gives you a compliment like that, you should feel honored. Former Sooner DeMarco Murray may also have something to say about that and would probably disagree.

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