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What’s Next for Tyrann Mathieu

What's Next for Tyrann Mathieu?

Derick Hingle-US Presswire

This time last year former LSU cornerback and punt returner Tyrann Mathieu was sitting on top of the world, making big play after big play for an undefeated team, having his name amongst the Heisman Trophy candidates and making several NFL scouts and general managers salivate at the possibility of drafting him even though he was still a season a way from being draft eligible.

Since then the player nicknamed the Honey Badger has been kicked off of the LSU team following him repeatedly failing drug tests, entered into the Right Step recovery center for continuous use of marijuana and on Thursday was arrested inside of his own apartment for simple possession of the same substance.

Mathieu and three fellow former Tigers (Jordan Jefferson, Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant) were all arrested inside of his Baton Rouge apartment following police responding to a call from a neighbor saying they saw a man forcing his way through the security gate of the apartment complex, that man was Jefferson who was the starting quarterback for LSU just last season. Jefferson and Hatcher were also charged with simple possession; however, Bryant was charged with possession with the intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This latest indiscretion will undoubtedly end Mathieu’s possible return to Les Miles‘ program next season and now leaves him attempting to figure out what’s next.

There is still the possibility of him enrolling in a non-FBS school in time to play next season; however, all of these encounters will now unquestionably hurt his image with the powers that be within the NFL which will in turn hurt his draft stock and ultimately his chances at competing in the National Football League. Now granted there will still be teams interested in his services, but what will all of this drama surrounding him to do Mathieu the person within and player that we were accustomed to seeing make huge plays on defense and in the return game known as the Honey Badger.

There is another option that Mathieu could also choose as well, which would be just sitting out and declaring himself eligible for the 2013 NFL Draft this April.  Players such as Mike Williams and Maurice Clarett choose this route for different reason and both were selected in the 2005 NFL Draft, Williams with the 10th pick in the first round and Clarett in the third round, 101st overall. Hopefully for Mathieu’s sake, he resembles Williams more than Clarett not for the fact of where they were selected but due to the fact that Williams actually played in the NFL for six seasons as opposed to Clarett who was cut by the Denver Broncos before even playing a single down in the NFL.

Mathieu has a lot of soul searching to do in the next few months or possibly year to figure out which road he will take in securing a positive future for himself and after reading this article written by the Sporting News’ Matt Crossman, one could see exactly why Mathieu is going through some of the issues that he currently is enduring.