Utah Attorney General no longer suing the BCS

By Michael Amato


Derick Hingle – US Presswire


A Utah Attorney General named Mark Shurtleff has said he will be dropping his lawsuit against the Bowl Championship Series. Shurtleff made the announcement last year that he was looking for a group of antitrust law firms to join him in a potential federal lawsuit to hopefully put an end to the BCS. The recent announcement by the BCS that they are planning to go to a four team playoff system in 2014 is the main reason he is dropping the suit.

Shurtleff also told a radio station on Friday that he feels his decision to attempt a lawsuit was one of the reasons the BCS ultimately opted to try a playoff format. The BCS was created in 1998 to organize college football’s major bowl games and set up a showdown between the number one and number two ranked teams for the national title. Ever since it began, however, the system has faced its fair share of criticism. Many feel that certain teams get special treatment and more opportunities to make it to a top bowl, and earn the big money that goes with it. Currently only six of 11 conferences have automatic BCS bowl bids. There have also been occasions were there was not a clear cut top two teams and one undefeated squad was left out of the title game.

When Shurtleff began his case the local Utah Utes were in a conference without an automatic bid, but are now in the Pac-12 which is part of the BCS. He contends that teams like Utah and the Boise State Broncos have missed out on millions of dollars since the BCS was conceived, because the smaller conferences are at a disadvantage.

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