BCS Rankings: Who Should Be Number Two?

By Zach Pugh
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Another week and another BCS rankings shake-up. However, the team that lost wasn’t on a lot of people’s radar. The Florida Gators couldn’t overcome sloppy play and turnovers and have now taken themselves out of the BCS title discussion, for now. The bigger story surrounding tonight’s rankings is who should be number two? Both the Kansas State Wildcats and Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a strong case and just the fact both teams won convincingly yesterday makes the choice more like splitting hairs. No matter which team is selected as the second best team in the standings, fans needs to keep in mind nothing is final and the best thing their favorite team can do is keep winning.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are number one without question, but the number two spot gets tricky. So who should it be; Kansas State or Notre Dame? Looking at the resumes as far as wins against ranked teams, the Irish have a slight edge over the Wildcats with four of their wins coming against ranked teams at the time of the victory. When you look at K-State’s resume there’s two very impressive road victories in Morgantown and Norman and not to mention they have begun to run away with the Big 12. It’s very likely KSU won’t face another top 25 team the rest of the season and both Notre Dame and the Oregon Ducks still play the USC Trojans.

Oregon will still have a late season match-up against the Oregon State Beavers and if the story stays the same for the Ducks on the field, they will also be playing for the Pac-12 title. The quack-attack may not have a case to be number two now, but they certainly will come the end of the regular season if they run the table. As of right now Notre Dame should be ranked number two. Oh the outrage from Kansas State fans! Keep in mind the BCS rankings reflect a what have you done lately aspect and with the way the Irish manhandled the Oklahoma Sooners last night, voters and the computers are very much in-love with ND.

Once again it looks like we’re on a fast track to complete chaos, but the excitement grows every week and the unknown factor of how everything will play out leaves plenty of room for speculation and over analysis. But isn’t that the point of the BCS?

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