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Danny Hope Names Robert Marve New Starting Quarterback

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Robert Marve has had almost zero luck since he transferred to Purdue. The senior quarterback has dealt with ACL tears and all sorts of other bad luck. Finally, some good news has come out about him, as Danny Hope finally named him the starting quarterback.

The fact that it took this long to name Marve as the starter shows you how in over his head Hope really is.  Caleb Terbush is by all accounts a nice guy, but he is not a starting quarterback in high level Division I football.  He simply hurt the team almost any team he was out there.  He apparently practiced well but you need to perform on the field if you want to keep your job.

Marve might make some mistakes but the kid is not afraid to take chances.  That is what the team needs and it actually looks like the team picks up when he is out there.  They know he is the best guy for the job and the fact the season has already been lost is another reason to let him play.  Maybe Marve can help salvage something from one of the most Purdue seasons ever.

You know, one of those seasons where the team has a lot of expectations and lays an egg.  That sums up this season pretty well.  Marve should not have to look over his shoulder and he can just go out and play.  Hopefully he finally gets some good luck in his career.