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Is Alabama That Good? We Are About to Find Out

Marvin Gentry – US Presswire

How good is this University of Alabama team? That question has been asked week in and week out as the Crimson Tide have destroyed opponents, leaving the country to wonder just how good this team is.

Statistically speaking, they’re not the most dangerous offense, but you’d be hard pressed to find a defensive coordinator who didn’t express caution when going up again the Crimson Tide.  Quarterback AJ McCarron doesn’t have jaw dropping numbers, but no other quarterback has been as efficient; combining big time throws, with the maturity of an NFL veteran.   But McCarron is just the conductor of the Tide offense, the man in charge of one incredible offensive ensemble of running backs and wide receivers.

Defensively, names have changed but that is about it. After losing 7 starters on defense, the young guns have stepped into place to uphold the standard of the Alabama defense.  With each passing week CJ Mosley looks like the complete linebacker Nick Saban hoped for at the beginning of the season, while Robert Lester has provided stability to a secondary that lost three starters from last season.

But the question persists. How good is this team? Are they winning because of weak opponents, or are they winning because they just so happen to be better than everyone else. Perhaps it is a combination of both, but few teams I have seen in Tuscaloosa have played in such unison-two of which won national titles.

Les Miles says Death Valley is a place where “opponents’ dreams go to die.”

Come this Saturday we’ll find out just how true that is, and just how good the Crimson Tide really are.