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When It Comes to the Winning Recipe, Nick Saban Has Found it at Alabama and LSU

Randy Sartin-US Presswire

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is no chef, but he’s found the winning recipe.

3 national championship trophies, 3 SEC Championships and a mantle full of individual coaching honors are more than enough proof to show that the man knows how to find success on the football field.  At 8-0 on the 2012 season, Saban is on the brink of capturing the crystal he craves once again.

Now, if the Alabama Crimson Tide can wash the LSU Tigers out of Death Valley, they’ll move one step closer on the road to Miami. But the intensity will be magnified, the screams will be louder, and the hostility will be unlike anything Alabama has seen this season which makes it even more important to stick to the script that has gotten the Tide to this point.

“Now, when you play in games like this everyone would say that it is really critical that you play your best in a game like this. The formula and the recipe for that doesn’t really change” Saban noted.

“We have to stay with the formula for what helps our players be able to take care of business the best way that they can.”

The formula he speaks of consists of taking one game at a time, being more physical than his opponent, and not turning the ball over.  It is about playing each play as if it is the only play that ever mattered. That very formula has been the foundation for every ounce of success Alabama has seen under Saban.

It is also the same foundation he laid in Baton Rouge. Raising the Tigers from the ashes, it was that formula he used to elevate the LSU program from a struggling team into a national power. Coaches have since changed, players have come and gone, but the impact remains.

At times it looks as if the Tigers and Tide are complete carbon copies of each other which has turned this annual SEC West meeting into one of the most anticipated games in college football year in and year out. It is the very reason television executives have moved this game out of the afternoon and into prime time-it is must see TV.

Both teams have the winning recipe, now it just comes down the one that assembles the dish.  It just so happens that the best in the business calls Tuscaloosa home.