Colorado's Goal for the Rest of the Season: Improve the Young Players

By David LaRose

Colorado’s struggles this season have been well documented. The Buffaloes currently sit at 1-7 (1-4 in Pac 12), they have been blown out in most of those losses and they are considered one of the worst Division I teams in the country.

It’s a bit harsh and it’s hard for Colorado fans to hear but that’s the reality for the program right now. Bottom line is that they are just not very good right now but one of the factors that’s contributed to their struggles can also be a part of their solution moving forward in an effort to turn things around.

I’m of course talking about the young players.

Colorado is one of the youngest teams in the country with only eight seniors on a freshmen heavy roster. Heading into the 2012 season Colorado was tied for the fewest seniors on its roster in all of Division I with Indiana and Rice. Having only eight seniors on a roster translates to a freshman dominated group of players and that’s the case for Colorado.

Their two-deep depth chart is littered with true freshmen, 16 to be exact, which is the most out of any team in the entire country. Through last week’s games Colorado is tied for sixth nationally with the most true freshmen played with 13. With all of the young players seeing game action there are plenty of mistakes being made and that’s obvious through Colorado’s eight games so far this season. However, it also provides valuable experience for the young players to use going forward.

During Jon Embree’s weekly press conference this past Tuesday he was asked about the goals that the team has now that a bowl game is out of the question and continuing to work with the young players and improving their play was one of them.

During practice and even after practice Embree and his coaching staff will work with the younger guys to continue to get them up to speed. Little session after practice will consist of one-on-one work on techniques, assignments and other weekly game plan strategies. Off the field Embree an Co. will work with the freshmen and teach them how to properly watch film, what to look for and how to use that during the week.

There’s young talent on Colorado’s roster, Christian Powell, Gerald Thomas, Kenneth Crawley, Yuri Wright along with others and with the right coaching they can become pretty good players. The extra coaching during practice, after practice and off the field can only help them moving forward.

The question is, how long will it take to see the extra work pay off on the field? It’s hard to see any improvement this year due to the poor results each week but the young guys are getting better.

This season is another disappointing one for Colorado and their goal of reaching a bowl game never really had a chance after a poor start during the easiest part of their schedule. However, all the Buffs can do now is continue to practice hard and strive to get better because it can only go up from here.

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