Maryland Quarterback Situation Can't Get Much Worse

By Ryan McCart
Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Most college football teams start out the season with three or four quarterbacks on the roster, but five is a number rare to be seen when it comes to quarterbacks. Boy, do the Maryland Terrapins wish they had a fifth quarterback right now. What the Terps are facing is almost unfathomable and certainly unprecedented and it all boils down to one thing; rotten luck.

It started in the preseason when starter C.J. Brown suffered a torn ACL that ended his season before it even started. However, Maryland was able to weather the storm up until two weeks ago. Two weeks ago the flood gates opened and Murphy’s Law (anything bad that can happen, will) went into full effect. Perry Hills, the starter for the majority of the year, tore his ACL. Then his backup Devin Burns broke his foot. Then his backup Caleb Rowe tore his ACL. They had to burn Rowe’s redshirt just so he could play and a week later his season is over.

This rash of injuries at one particular position totally defies logic, and the fact that three of the four suffered the same injury is stupefying. You have to feel bad for Maryland fans. Their season couldn’t have started out much better. The Terrapins got off to a 4-2 start and were one of the biggest surprises in the ACC, but since then their season has jumped off a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom.

So now Maryland must turn to a linebacker to play quarterback. True freshman Shawn Petty is now the Terps quarterback. If, and this is a mighty big if, Maryland is somehow, inexplicably able to get six wins and a bowl berth than head coach Randy Edsall deserves to win the national coach of the year award unanimously. There just doesn’t appear to be any chance of that happening. The only thing that Maryland can hold onto is that if they didn’t have bad luck, they’d have no luck at all.

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