Cincinnati Planning On Letting Munchie Legaux Run

By Joe Giglio
Andrew Weber – USPRESSWIRE

After two straight disappointing games throwing the football, Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Butch Jones seems committed to letting his quarterback do what he does well: Run the football.

With 296 rushing yards — at a 6.0 yards per carry clip — it’s clear that Munchie Legaux is more comfortable as a runner right now. He may develop into a consistent passer at some point, but it’s clear he hasn’t reached that stage of his progression yet. Still, his athleticism and legs can move the offense.

Earlier in the week, Jones expounded on the plan moving forward:

“We’re going to make a commitment to run him more,” Jones said. “With five games left, every game is a playoff. You just try to change some things up offensively. I think also some of the things our opponents do lend themselves to our quarterback running the football. For our offense to really be effective, our quarterback has to be more of a running threat at times.

“We ran him a little bit more than we have in the past last week. As he continues to prove that he can do that and take care of the football, his role will continue to expand in that regard.”

Jones wouldn’t commit to the idea that the philosophy or playing calling switch is because of Legaux’s struggles, but rather citing that it will enhance the effectiveness of the entire offense — the passing game included.

“When we recruit a quarterback we want a thrower first and a runner second,” Jones said. “Being able to throw the football efficiently is a critical element in our offense.”


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