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Top 10 Offenses In College Football

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Top 10 Offenses In College Football


There’s no question that having a strong defense in college football helps you win championships. Just look at the Alabama Crimson Tide over the last several years. But having a high-powered offense makes the game much more interesting, especially for the fans watching at home. Whether it is the hurry-up, a solid running game or an air-raid attack, these teams are putting up obscene numbers when it comes to offense.

Remember that video game-esqe offense that the West Virginia Mountaineers were running early on in the season? They aren’t even in the top 10; that tells you how explosive some of these other teams are. Some of the teams that had preseason expectations of leading the nation offensively didn’t make the cut either. 2012 has been a season of anything can happen, and when you have two teams playing against each other that are averaging 500+ yards per game, it can.

Some of the teams that lead the nation on offense are defense optional, meaning they don’t have the best defensive numbers. And looking at some of the scores, it seems that defense has become a lost art to some teams. After doing some research and putting all the stats together, these next 10 teams rank supreme when it comes to lighting up the scoreboard. These offenses are putting up numbers that give defensive coordinators nightmares on how to cover them. Also listed are key players that help make those offenses click.

Did your favorite college football team make the cut?

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No. 10 Houston Cougars

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Even with the loss of their coach in the offseason and their stud QB going to the NFL, the Houston Cougars are still lighting up the field with their offense. The Cougars are sitting at a 4-4 record but this isn't from a lack of offensive superiority.

The Cougars have run 686 offensive plays, have 33 touchdowns, and are averaging 512 total yards per game.

Junior running back Charles Sims has had a breakthrough season for the Cougs, almost surpassing his total yards from last season's 821 at only the halfway point. He is sitting on 816 total yards with 11 touchdowns. Sims is averaging 6 yards per carry and his longest on the season is a 53-yarder. Not to mention he has 329 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. Sims is a dual-threat for any opposing defense.

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No. 9 Nevada Wolf Pack


If you have never heard of Cody Fajardo or Stefphon Jefferson, the Nevada Wolf Park would like to formally introduce you to them. Jefferson, the junior running back for the Wolf Pack has had an outstanding season so far. He has 16 touchdowns and a total of 1341 yards on the ground. If you think that's good, look at Fajardo, the sophomore quarterback. Fajardo has 1980 yards and 13 touchdowns and this is through the air. He is also one of the teams leading rushers, with 10 touchdowns and 655 yards. He is averaging more yards per carry than Jefferson, who is their lead back.

The Wolf Pack are at a 6-3 record and are sitting at 523 yards per game on average. The team has run more plays than any other top 10 FBS offense with 743 and a total of 4709 yards and are still only the No. 9 team.

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No. 8 Florida State Seminoles


The Florida State Seminoles were one of the favorites going into the 2012 season to play for a National Title. Even though they sit a 8-1, their titles hopes are most likely out the window. But their offense has kept on producing.

Senior quarterback EJ Manuel will surpass his numbers from last season very easily by the time 2012 comes to a close. He has 16 touchdowns with 2315 yards. He also has 244 yards rushing under his belt with 1 touchdown.

The Seminoles are averaging 525 yards per game on offense and 4721 yards on 613 plays. They average 7.7 yards per play, which is the most by any team in the offensive top 10.

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No. 7 Oregon Ducks


If you have watched any Oregon Ducks football in the last couple years, you know how electric this offense is and can be. The 8-0 Ducks are averaging 53 points per game and the only close competition they have had so far was a 43-21 win over Arizona State. So blowing out the competition is an understatement when talking about this Duck offense.

When looking at the Ducks offense, it's hard to pick the biggest impact players, but true freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota and senior running back Kenjon Barner are clearly causing opposing defenses plenty of fits. Mariota has had a terrific start to his college career, throwing 18 touchdowns and has 1483 yards. Mariota was in a battle for the starting QB position with sophomore Bryan Bennett at the start of the season. The freshman clearly was the right choice. Some thought RB Kenjon Barner might take a backseat with DeAnthony Thomas being the more talked about back going into 2012. Barner quickly made it be known that he was the go-to back at Oregon. He has 14 touchdowns, 974 yards and averages 7 yards per carry.

The Ducks offense, which almost seems unstoppable, is averaging 540 yards per game. They have 59 touchdowns as a team, which is the most on the offensive top 10. If the Ducks stay on the same path, a trip to Miami is in their near future.

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No. 6 Texas A&M Aggies


If you would have told me that the Texas A&M Aggies were going to have one of the top 10 offenses in the Nation after jumping to the SEC at the beginning of the season, I would have laughed at you. New coach, new quarterback, no problem. The 6-2 Aggies are one of the most exciting offenses to watch in the SEC and have done well for themselves so far in the defensive heavy league. Can you say Johnny Football?

Johnny Manziel, the freshman quarterback, has already earned himself the nickname Johnny Football in his short college career. And looking at his numbers, he deserves it. He has become somewhat of a phenom, with 2216 passing yards and 16 touchdowns. His rushing numbers are just as good, 793 yards and 13 touchdowns and leads the team rushing. It is easy to say that Manziel accounts for a majority of the Aggie offense.

The Aggie offense has 48 touchdowns on the season (Manziel accounts for 29 of those) and is averaging 542 yards per game. And this is in the SEC. If the defenses can figure out a way to shut him down, they may have a shot. But until then, the Aggies are sitting at the No. 6 team.

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No. 5 Marshall Thundering Herd


It's not very often you have a team with a losing record sitting in as one of the top offenses in the country, but here the Marshall Thundering Herd sit. The Herd have a 3-5 record on the season, but when you look at their offensive numbers, you have to wonder why. They are averaging 542 yards per game and 43 touchdowns. The Herd have run an astounding 735 offensive plays with a total of 4343 yards. I'd hate to see the numbers the teams that have played them put up to win, because those are offensive numbers a lot of teams would dream for this far into the season.

Quarterback Rakeem Cato has been the shining star for the Herd's offense. The sophomore is just shy of 3000 yards with 23 touchdowns. The Herd still have a rough road ahead to become bowl eligible, but with those numbers, they should be able to get it done.

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No. 4 Arizona Wildcats

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Wildcats have had an up and down season so far, going on a 3-game losing streak September 22nd - October 3rd. They happened to be to all ranked teams and since seemed to have turned things around, winning the last two. The most notable was the win over the then ranked No. 9 USC Trojans.

The Wildcats are averaging 553 yards per game and have 41 touchdowns on the year. They have run 708 plays with 4429 yards. Standouts on the team so far have been quarterback Matt Scott and running back Ka'deem Karey. Scott has 2724 yards and 20 touchdowns while Karey has 12 touchdowns with 961 yards.

The Wildcats have knocked out most of the meat of their schedule already, playing the ranked Pac-12 teams early, so they are poised to finish well or at least bowl eligible. There could be some trap games left in the mix, so the Wildcats will need to finish strong and keep that offense rolling and they have the possibility to win out.

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No. 3 Baylor Bears

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

Even an Robert Griffin III-less Baylor Bears offense is still rolling. Defense is an option, though. The Bears are another team looking at a losing record (3-4), but their offense has been on fire. They are on the top of the list in the offensive top 10 when it comes to average yards per game, which is 569. Unfortunately for the Bears, they are on a 4-game losing streak and haven't won a conference game yet. And after their game with the Kansas Jayhawks this weekend, the schedule is just going to get tougher.

Many said Baylor would have issues in the quarterback department after RGIII left for the NFL, but those of you who thought that hadn't seen Nick Florence. While he isn't RGII, he is making a name for himself. So far he has 2652 yards and 22 touchdowns.

The Bears are averaging 7 yards a play and have 3986 total yards, the lowest in total yards in the offensive top 10.

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No. 2 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs


Sonny Dykes and the he Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have had a great season so far, sitting at No. 25 in the rankings and touting the No. 2 offense in the country. The 7-1 Bulldogs only loss came against Texas A&M and it was just barely, 59-57. Their offense is averaging an almost scary 575 yards per game and has 57 touchdowns. Dykes and company have called 684 plays and have 4601 total yards.

Bulldogs quarterback Colby Cameron has 21 touchdowns with 2598 yards and has almost doubled his production from last year. Running back Kenneth Dixon has also been a huge producer, with 17 touchdowns on just 836 yards.

Whatever Sonny Dykes has been putting in the water since his arrival in Ruston, Louisiana, he needs to keep drinking it. He's done an excellent job with that program.

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No. 1 Oklahoma State Cowboys


Last, and certainly not least in this case is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The 5-2 Pokes are the best team when it comes to the offensive side of the football. They are averaging 584 yards per game, have 4103 yards but only 38 touchdowns. Some quarterback injuries may be the issue for the lesser amount of td's compared to the other teams that are on the list. QB Wes Lunt, who just came back from injury recently has 918 yards and 5 touchdowns. While his replacement J.W. Walsh has 10 touchdowns and 1467 yards. They are both true freshman.

The real star of the Cowboys offensive show has been the running game and running back stud, Joseph Randle. He is averaging 6 yards per carry with 9 touchdowns and 891 yards. Shutting down Randle is the key to getting anything done defensively against the Pokes.

Their schedule over the next several weeks will say a lot about the Cowboys and where they are as a team. Their tough-game gauntlet is being kicked off with the undefeated Kansas State Wildcats this Saturday.