Tyrann Mathieu Moves To South Florida

By Will Wilson
Courtesy of Atlantic High

According to numerous sources, former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has moved to Broward County in South Florida and is living with the family of Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, who was his former LSU teammate.

Mathieu was dismissed from LSU in August after failing multiple drug tests. When he returned to school as a student, he was arrested on Oct. 25 on charges of marijuana possession along with current and former Tigers players.

The ‘Honey Badger’ is said to have moved to Florida to escape from all the distractions in Baton Rouge and focus on his future. He plans on training locally as he decides if he’ll declare for the NFL draft or not.

Mathieu stopped by Atlantic High school in Delray Beach on Thursday to talk to the school’s football team. He said he’s made a lot of mistakes, but he stayed positive regardless. That’s something that has to be difficult to do after Mathieu’s recent arrest.

Some may question his move to South Florida and his reason for leaving Baton Rouge. It’s well documented that South Florida can be a party atmosphere with South Beach not too far away. Could this help Mathieu or present more distractions that set him up to fail once again?

His short stint in a rehabilitation center didn’t last long and clearly did not work. He’s still someone who has difficulty with substance abuse and it’s something he’s going to need to eliminate from his life if he has any aspirations at playing at the next level.

With backgrounds checks as extensive as the government, the NFL is going to be a a tough sell for Mathieu, unless it’s as a free agent.

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