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Alabama Proves Why They’re #1

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

LSU Tigers fans were all set to pull off an upset at home yesterday against its former head coach Nick Saban and his top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. With around a minute to play, they led Saban’s squad 17-14. But, Saban and the Crimson Tide casually drove down the field and scored a go-ahead touchdown, securing a 21-17 win. It was one of Saban’s finest hours as coach. Considering the hardware he owns, this was as good as it gets for the Alabama coach.

It is getting to a point with Saban that he coaches a game ten steps ahead of other coaches. Even when presented with a challenge, his team doesn’t lose. Considering all the Crimson Tide needed was a field goal to send the contest to overtime, Saban’s team went for the throat. LSU Coach Les Miles has been taking heat for allowing Alabama to drive down the field so easily at the end, but a great screen pass on an LSU blitz that did in the Tigers. I find it unfair to criticize Miles who’s kept his team together despite some real off-the-field issues entering the season. Alabama was the better team last night, and Miles gave them all they could handle.

With this win, I believe Alabama is well on their way to a second National Championship in consecutive years. Quite frankly, I also think this will be Saban’s final act at Alabama. I thought he was ready to become an NFL executive last season, and it should be his calling this year. He struggled as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins a few years earlier, but I think it’s time he gets another shot. Whether his role is in the front office or on the sidelines, the appeal of Saban will be hard to resist along with a ridiculous payday for the nation’s best college coach.