Give Me the Oregon Ducks, Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship

By James Gomez
Kenjon Barner Oregon Ducks
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

I don’t ask much in life. I’ll be OK with the basics. Food, shelter, air conditioning, cell service, Internet, the Pac-12 Network, power windows in my vehicle, and a pick of the 2012 National Championship.

I’ve seen what the best of college programs have to offer so far this season. That is why my only request for the rest of the season (if I had one) would be to put the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks together on the field, mano a mano.

All due respect to the Kansas State Wildcats. Collin Klein is one of the best players in the country and deserving of the stiff arm trophy in New York City at the end of the year. I’ve been very surprised with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the level of defense they bring each week. Both just don’t have the same appeal as an Oregon Alabama finish.

For several seasons the baddest team on the block has been the Nick Saban coached Crimson Tide. Punishing defense, and a now even more dangerous offense, begin to describe why Alabama simply doesn’t lose.

On the road in Death Valley, the agreed toughest place to play by most of the nation and my fellow Rant Sports writers, the Tide came from behind to win 21-17. Quarterback A.J. McCarron who has been spectacular all season long found himself having a difficult time moving the ball against the elite LSU Tigers defense.

When it mattered most, McCarron pushed the Tide across the goal line in his usual cool and collected style. Alabama got the win, taking LSU’s best shot, as quarterback Zach Mettenbeger played his best game of the year.

Even more impressively, Oregon treated USC like every other team on their schedule, a victim. The Trojans were at home, and motivated to prove they were still the class of the conference.

Nine touchdown drives and one punt later, the Ducks had taken the torch from the Trojans hand, and looked as potent offensively as any team in recent history. USC’s defense might as well have been the local junior college.

Sorry Kansas State, you’re good, but you look like the other Big 12 challengers who failed at the alter of the SEC. Notre Dame, you needed three overtimes to defeat the lowly Pitt Panthers. In a perfect world (2014) all four would battle it out in a playoff system. Unfortunately we still live in the BCS era. I’ll take the best. This is a reservation for two.

How would the Ducks offense fare against Alabama? Could McCarron lead the Crimson Tide on enough scoring drives to keep up? Is this the year an SEC team finally loses the big game? Please tell me I get to find out in January.

Is that too much to ask?

James Gomez is a Pac-12 and Mountain West columnist for Rant Sports and member of the Football Writers Association of America. You can follow James on Twitter as well.

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