Oregon Ducks Win a Track Meet in Los Angeles Versus USC

By Scott DelleFave
Oregon Ducks

In an amazing statistical game within the Pac-12, a proverbial track meet between the University of Oregon and USC in the Colosseum it seemed like neither team’s defense could stop the others as the final score was a mind boggling 62-51.

If you like offense, this was a treat of a game for you! I certainly enjoyed it, then again I enjoy almost any football game. There was a combined 1345 yards of total offense including Oregon’s Kenjon Barner had 321 yards rushing by himself, and USC’s Matt Barkley had 484 yards passing and five touchdown passes. Basically this was the anti-SEC defensive war. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota also had 304 yards passing with four touchdowns.

As for BCS implications this is a huge win as this was on the road against a very good USC team, and could be a stepping stone toward the national title game, but time will tell. Personally I would love to see an University of Alabama vs Oregon game as it would be a  great and powerful defense versus a high octane offense and see who wins, but that is just my take, what do you think? I would love to hear from you all!

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