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Quick Look at the Top of the New BCS Standings


Derek Hingle-US Presswire

Right in the midst of a pretty dang exciting weekend of NFL football, the NCAA has released it’s newest BCS rankings, version 4.0. Time is ticking down for teams to make a final surge into BCS contention, and with the number of games getting small, the impact of losses at this point in the year are devestating. Let’s take a quick peek at the top of the newest BCS rankings.

No shocker that Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame are the top 4. While I would probably put Oregon at 2 ahead of Kansas State, I have no qualms with the order. The Crimson Tide won a huge road game this weekend over LSU, who are themselves ranked 7th in the poll so I am not sure anyone could mount a case against them being there. But 2-4 are of course open for debate. The problem with the debate is so many people are thinking in terms of who they think would be the most interesting matchup. But it’s better to think in terms of which 2 teams deserve it the most. And right now I can’t honestly say with any certainty which of the 3 teams lined up behind Bama is that team.

But I just have a funny feeling in the next couple of weeks it won’t matter so much. Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein was injured in last week’s game, and while there  is a lot of gamesmanship that goes on in a situation like this, but there’s no doubt Klein was hurt. If he can’t go against a talented and well coached TCU team next Saturday you could see them tumble from BCS championship relevance in a hurry. Oregon still has Stanford and Oregon State to finish the season do no one should assume they win out. Not to mention they could get a boost from a PAC-12 title game win as well. The last game in this mix, Notre Dame probably has the toughest road to hoe as their best remaining opponent, USC continues to tumble in the polls. The Fighting Irish are the team that just needs to keep winning, and hope that Oregon and Kansas State both trip up.

Personally, the 2 best teams I’ve seen play this year are Alabama and Oregon. No Oregon doesn’t have the defense of Alabama, but their offense is absurd. Even Kansas State and Notre Dame, who can bring it on defense, just don’t impress me on offense like the Ducks do. USC has a lot of NFL prospects on that side of the football, and Oregon just mowed through them. But as for who deserves it, we still have a few weeks to sort that out.

The rest of the poll is pretty uneventful. 5-8 are all SEC which makes sense, even if the rest of the world views it as bias. Probably the team with the biggest beef from a wins and losses standpoint is Louisville who is sitting at 9 with no losses. 2 teams ahead of them, LSU and South Carolina has 2 losses and that’ll stir people up.  But the reality is if you are talking about the title, it’s all about the top 4 at this point.

All in all there are no surprises in this lastest installment of the poll. I know folks are praying for all 4 of the top teams to finish undefeated so they will have something else to complain about at the end of the season, but just because a group of teams are undefeated doesn’t mean they are equal. Once people can work past that concept that record makes you equal, this whole discussion becomes easier. Just enjoy the ride!

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