Why Oregon Will Move Up To No. 2 BCS Spot

By Dan Irwin
Oregon Ducks
Kirby Lee – US Presswire

It may end up being one of the biggest tragedies in college football history, and the catalyst for why the current BCS format needs to be completely abandoned.  But then again, we’ve all known for years that it needed to go.  Indeed, three undefeated teams can’t all make it to the BCS national championship game.

With the thrilling but unconvincing win over the Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have likely played themselves out of the No. 3 position, but certainly cannot fall lower than No. 4 in the BCS rankings that will come out Sunday night.  With remaining games against the Boston College Eagles, Wake Forest Demon Deacons and the USC Trojans, it’s beginning to look like Notre Dame will need some help if they want to play for a national title.

The Alabama Crimson Tide survived their biggest test of the season so far, on the road in a game that was the rematch of last season’s BCS championship game.  Their gutsy performance, superior level of competition and fact they simply dominate statistically, make them a simple choice for No. 1 and the only clear-cut choice to play for the national championship.

And then things get tricky, my friends.  People in Eugene, Oregon have a thousand reasons why their Oregon Ducks should be No. 2 in the BCS over the Kansas State Wildcats.  People in Manhattan, Kansas have likewise arguments as to why K-State is in over Oregon.  Does one of them have a more valid point than the other?

Oregon’s main point is that they have simply played at a far higher level than their competition.  Blowing out opponents and scoring at will, their offense has been compared to playing with a team on a college football video game.

Kansas State will counter and say that although Oregon has played at a very high level, their opponents haven’t been very good.  Kansas State has played a far tougher schedule and have maintained doing so while having a Heisman candidate in the process.

Folks, here it is…as much as I love the Wildcats, it’s bubble busting time.

As of this morning, with their win over USC, Oregon’s strength of schedule now ranks at No. 10 in the nation.  That’s 18 spots better than Kansas State who now sits at No. 28.  The once valid argument that K-State had is gone, a crushing blow to a team who is doing everything right and felt on top of the world with their win last night over the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Now before anyone begins to throw accusations of bias around, let me just say that I’m a midwest guy, born and raised.  I’ve been pulling for the Wildcats.  They’re not my team, but I have certainly developed a soft spot for them.  But this game isn’t about who you feel best about, or most sorry for, it’s about accomplishment.  At this point in the season, you cannot say that the Oregon Ducks aren’t the No. 2 team when the BCS rankings come out tonight.  It just wouldn’t be right.

If Oregon can keep winning, they will only continue to validate their point.  With games remaining against the No. 14 Stanford Cardinal and the No. 11 Oregon State Beavers, as well as a Pac-12 championship game to play, if Oregon were to go undefeated, there’s absolutely nothing that Kansas State can do.  The Wildcats have three games remaining; away to the TCU Horned Frogs and Baylor Bears before hosting the Texas Longhorns on their Senior Day on December 1.  With no Big 12 championship game to help boost their resume, Kansas State will need a loss by Oregon to get put in to the national championship picture.

To be fair, it’s all just not fair.  Waiting to see if another team isn’t as good to prove you’re the best isn’t right.  Fans of college football have been saying this for some time.  And although some will say that there will still be controversy in deciding who made it to a BCS playoff, the problem I’ve just described is eliminated.  I think I speak for every fan of not just college football, but sport in general when I say, “It’s about time.”

Dan Irwin is a sports writer for Rant Sports.  Follow him on Twitter @ danirwin_rant or on Facebook at “facebook.com/danirwin.sports“.

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